GSM-R is a European standard and mandatory for railways across all EU members. This GSM based mobile system is important as a safety system and is used for several different applications. The network is used by all railway operators and infrastructure operators. This training is aimed at providing insight in the GSM-R network and how


The abbreviation ERTMS stands for European Rail Traffic Management System. This is a standard for improving the safety and capacity of the European railways. ERTMS is being used in Europe for a number of years, and will be extended to more routes before 2030. This has substantial impact on rolling stock but also on infrastructure.

5G and the successor to GSM-R: FRMCS

5G is now launched in several European countries. GSM-R is a 2G solution and has been in operation for a number of years. Railway organizations have been actively discussing how 5G technology can be the basis of Future Railway Communications Systems or FRMCS. There are a number of railway specific functions that are not part

Security cameras in Public Transport

Security cameras have become important over the last years for security and safety reasons. Building a proper camera solutions takes understanding of the technology and also proper placement. Intelligent systems are now adding functionality. These systems are becoming more and more important, also due to COVID-19. This training will provide understanding of this important security

Information Security & Certification

Security and Information Security is of great importance to organizations. Issues surrounding data breaches and privacy rightly receive a lot of attention, because the impact on organizations can be very large. GDPR legislation has made information security even more important. Everyone is impacted. During this training an introduction is given to this interesting field! After

Transportation infrastructure

This training will introduce the meaning of “Transportation Infrastructure”, with examples of different systems and different elements. More in detail, we will try to understand the main elements of infrastructure in the railway transportation and its interfaces. Topics to be discussed What do we mean with “Transportation Infrastructure”? Some examples of transportation infrastructures A little


No matter how good a train or track is, without energy it will not move. In this training we will dive deeper into railway power networks, the different types that are being used and their origins. But also how these systems and networks are engineered, built and serviced. Besides the power networks this course also

Introduction in ERTMS

ERTMS is the European standard for such an ATP that achieves interoperability throughout Europe. Indeed, it allows a train equipped with an ERTMS onboard device made by any supplier to run on track sections equipped with ERTMS devices made by other suppliers. This also implies the ability for any onboard equipment installed on any train