Event description

The abbreviation ERTMS stands for European Rail Traffic Management System. This is a standard for improving the safety and capacity of the European railways. ERTMS is being used in Europe for a number of years, and will be extended to more routes before 2030. This has substantial impact on rolling stock but also on infrastructure. This training is aimed at providing understanding of the basic functionality, the components and the dependencies of the total system.

During the course, the following topics will be explained:

  • ERTMS objectives
  • ERTMS in practice
  • ERTMS components
  • Track sections and planning

After the course, you will be able to:

  • understand the ERTMS Standard
  • understand the impact of the project in the railway industry
  • understand the coherence of several ERTMS components

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The fee of joining this course is €175 (ex. VAT).