Event description

5G is now launched in several European countries. GSM-R is a 2G solution and has been in operation for a number of years. Railway organizations have been actively discussing how 5G technology can be the basis of Future Railway Communications Systems or FRMCS. There are a number of railway specific functions that are not part of normal 5G networks, creating an interesting challenge. This training will explain 5G, railway specific functionality and FRMCS planning.

FRMCS will be implemented as a service on 5G technology. This course will cover the services that 5G will provide, discuss the frequency band challenges for rail applications and discuss the FRMCS standardization status. Examples of the 5G railway services that are specified will be covered.

After this course you will understand the challenges in creating the next generation GSM-R, the underlying 5G technology and the global process and planning.

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