Event description

No matter how good a train or track is, without energy it will not move. In this training we will dive deeper into railway power networks, the different types that are being used and their origins. But also how these systems and networks are engineered, built and serviced. Besides the power networks this course also covers the traction of rolling stock.
Goals for this training

  • Provide General Principles for Railway Power Network Design
  • Present the main stages of project management: from program to commissioning (key players, choice of technologies, definition of requirements)
  • Introduce to the engineering of traction power networks
  • To practice on examples


  • The engineering of traction power networks:
    • Railway origins and development of the railway systems
    • Wheel-rail contact
    • The Rolling Stock design and Railway dynamics
    • OCS, OHLE systems, third rail and others
  • ¬†Electrification system
    • Characteristics required for fixed installations
    • Design of power substations
    • DC/AC voltage supply
    • Software’s and Design tools
    • Project management

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July 1, 2020
10:00 am