Event description

In this course, all the aspects of the railways systems will be presented, starting from the history of rail transportation, through a description of main railways equipment, with a special focus on Rolling Stock and Signalling.

Urban and demographic growth, environmental concerns and a rising demand for mobility are some of the factors that favor the expansion of rail networks internationally. Despite the critical economic turmoil related to COVID19 affecting many industries, the rail industry continues to occupy a prominent place in the global economy, with an increasing number of projects around the world. Initiatives are being developed to encourage innovation and modernize rail transport systems and infrastructures, both in urban settings and on national and international levels.

Course introduction to railway systems
Join this course by IKOS’s team of experts and understand how all the elements of the rail environment are linked and allow the users to travel rapidly and safely from home to work or from one European capital to another. In this course we will give you an overview of the railway systems: all the aspects from regulation systems to infrastructure and rolling stock will be described and discussed.

Come aboard with us, and begin the journey!

Topics to be discussed

  • History of railways
  • Railways equipment
  • Rolling Stock
  • Introduction on Signalling

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